Our Story

Our journey began in the summer of 2000 when we met and fell in love in the picturesque setting of New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

We spent the next few years living together in New Zealand and also Europe, as well as doing some travelling (which included a year sailing around New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga!). We got married in 2002 in Sweden.

Our business journey began in 2006 when we moved to Sweden and started producing and selling elegant, handcrafted New Zealand wines to fine dining restaurants and after a while also to Swedish Systembolaget.

Our wines are sold predominantly in Sweden, but we are currently branching out to other markets in Europe, such as the UK and Germany.

In 2009, we started a separate venture working alongside other small family wineries from around the world to distribute their wines in Sweden. We partner with wineries that share our passion for unique, high-quality wines – only the best will do.

Outside of work, we love fishing, diving, sailing, surfing and enjoying the outdoors. We have two beautiful children, who enjoy both their home countries.

Meet your winemaker


Born and bred in New Zealand, I’m an experienced winemaker. I studied a Master of Applied Science (Oenology) at Lincoln University and throughout my studies, I specialised in the research of making organic wines without the addition of preservatives – a skill I use to this day when creating wines for our label.

After graduating, I worked as a flying winemaker in France and California on several vintages, before returning to New Zealand to make wine for Okahu Estate in Kaitaia and then Lincoln Wines in Auckland.

In 2006, I moved to Sweden with my wife Frida Gårdö Morris, and together we launched the Gardo & Morris label.

An intercontinental connection

From New Zealand to Sweden, and back again, Gardo & Morris is a truly international winery We blend the best of both cultures to create unique, world-class wines that celebrate our intercontinental connection.

As our wine buyers can attest, our delicious wines are worth all our time perfecting them. Sweden and New Zealand; it’s a match made in heaven.