Gardo & Morris

The Small Family Winery Specialist

We are a small family-run New Zealand Winery operating from both Sweden and New Zealand. A husband and wife team, we travel between New Zealand and Sweden every year to make our own wines.

As a wine producer, wine importer/distributor, we are in a unique position to bring the best of New Zealand’s vineyards to the Swedish market. We produce and sell exclusive handcrafted wines to some of Sweden’s finest restaurants and the Swedish monopoly liquor stores.

We also work alongside other small family wine producers around the world (independently of the Gardo & Morris label). Together, our passion is to create and source the best wine our countries can produce. Whether you love whites, reds, roses, sparkling or sweet, we have a tipple that will delight your tastebuds.

A taste of New Zealand

Our New Zealand Winery creates exceptional single vineyard wines from New Zealand’s finest wine-growing regions. Each wine is handcrafted to reflect the flavours of the vineyard site and the grape variety. We work almost exclusively with small vineyards so that we can pick the very best fruit the vines have to offer.

We also take a gentle, natural approach to winemaking, using minimal vineyard sprays to produce pure, clean wines that have the added benefit of sustaining a healthy environment.

In Sweden’s finest restaurants

You can find our wines at some of Sweden’s finest restaurants. Expertly crafted to complement local Swedish specialties, each wine is bursting with flavour and is the perfect accompaniment to a lovely meal.

Our wines are also available at Systembolaget stores.